About Lost Laksa

Hallo! I’m Bryan Lee, the author behind Lost Laksa. I’m originally from Singapore but am based today in Germany, together with my wife and two year old boy (as of 2023).

We find Germany very child-friendly and we love doing lots of different activities and exploring Germany together as a family. However, such information is not easy to find, especially if you’re like us and want to go beyond the typical same top attractions that travel sites write about.

I started this blog mainly to document down my journey as a dad in Germany, but hopefully you will also find some of the content here useful, providing you some travel ideas with your family, whether you are traveling to Germany or living here. More about the story up to now and future plans.

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About Me

Just a little more about me for context of the perspective I’m writing from:

  • Originally from Singapore, moved to Germany in 2018

  • Now based in Düsseldorf, Germany

  • In my thirties, and our toddler travel partner is two (as of 2023)

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Asian dad navigating family life in and exploring Germany with a two-year old.